Cycling Shoe Covers - Keeping Your Feet Warm, Dry and Protected

Cycling Shoe Covers - Keeping Your Feet Warm, Dry and Protected

  • Friday, 15 December 2023
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Cycling Shoe Covers - Keeping Your Feet Warm, Dry and Protected

Keeping your feet warm, dry and protected from cold winds and rain is an important part of cycling and having the right shoe covers can make all the difference.cycling shoe covers Cycling overshoes and toe covers are available in a wide range of styles, materials, constructions, designs and fitments to suit different climates and riders. From simple toe covers that take the edge off cold winds to fully insulated, waterproof models for frigid temps and wet conditions.

The amount of protection and insulation you need is determined by temperature, your socks, shoes, cleats and ride intensity.cycling shoe covers In general, if you’re going to be out in sub-zero temperatures a thick neoprene model with a snug fit over your shoes is the best option while for more moderate conditions a lighter softshell with good wind resistance and some thermal properties should do the trick.

Waterproof and windproof overshoes typically feature taped seams to keep water, road spray and grit out while pulling sweat and excess heat away from your feet.cycling shoe covers They also feature cutouts that align with your cleats and heel pads so you can easily get them on and off without having to stretch them out which can lead to rips. Many use a sturdy, durable material like Kevlar at the soles to provide increased abrasion resistance and help prevent the inevitable scraping that can occur when slipping your shoes out of the clipless pedals.

Some shoe cover models are more insulated than others and these often utilise some form of thermal fabrics that help retain warmth even when wet.cycling shoe covers These are usually lined with soft fleece and some brands offer options like a Polartec Power Stretch Pro fabric with excellent insulating properties and good water resistance. Other insulated models, often neoprene, feature a more rugged material on the base to increase abrasion resistance and to better resist tears from repeated contact with your cleats as you clip in and out of your shoes while stopping at traffic lights or walking short distances.

As with any piece of cycling gear nothing lasts forever and your shoe covers will eventually wear out unless you treat them carefully. However, you can expect a pair to provide years of great performance and service if they are treated well and you don’t abuse them.

With a variety of different models to choose from there is bound to be one to meet your needs whether it’s a lightweight, all-round performer like the Velocio Signature Rain Bootie or a specialist neoprene model for freezing winter rides and races. Our selection includes a mix of insulated, waterproof and toe covers to keep you warm, dry and protected through all the seasons. So if you’re looking to add some extra cold weather protection to your cycling kit be sure to check out the full range of shoe covers in our store. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the high level of protection and performance these simple yet effective products can deliver.

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