Waterproof Shoe Protector Sprays

Waterproof Shoe Protector Sprays

  • Friday, 15 March 2024
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Waterproof Shoe Protector Sprays

More than any other wardrobe staple, shoes get exposed to the harshest elements — rain, dirt, snow, road salt.waterproof shoe protector That’s why it’s important to waterproof them to ensure they can withstand even the heaviest of weather. While there are many ways to keep your favorite pair of shoes looking like new, such as treating them with a suede cleaner or cleaning up water stains after the fact, preventing water damage is the best strategy. Waterproof shoe protector sprays are a simple and affordable way to shield your footwear from the elements. They’re also easy to apply, although it’s important to follow the directions on the product and be sure that your shoes are clean before applying the protection.

Aside from preserving your shoes’ look and durability, waterproofing will also help extend their life. Most brands advise that reapplying the protector after each wear, or at least every two to three months, will keep your shoes in good shape. While some shoe-protector sprays are formulated specifically for leather, suede and nubuck, others are designed to work with a wide range of fabrics including mixed textiles and canvas.

The cult-classic Tarrago nano protector is an excellent choice for all types of leather and textile shoes, and it works great on sneakers. “Leather is essentially skin, and it breathes and takes in moisture through its pores,” explains shoe-care expert Andrade. The Nano Protector contains a fluorocarbon polymer material that seals those pores to prevent moisture from seeping in. The spray is also odorless, easy to use and doesn’t change the color of your footwear.

KIWI Camp Dry Heavy Duty is another one of the top waterproofing sprays for shoes, and it’s a great option for a variety of fabric types including leather, suede and nylon. “Kiwi’s formula is effective at fending off water and dirt, as well as mud and sand,” says Strategist contributor Priya Rao. She recommends shaking the can well before use, holding it six inches away and misting your item to coat lightly and evenly. “Be careful not to oversaturate your shoes or boots; if they start to feel wet, dab them with paper towel,” she advises.

This waterproof spray works on a wide range of shoes including leather and synthetic, and is easy to use. The spray is odorless, and it applies clear to avoid changing the color of your footwear. Unlike some other products, it doesn’t leave a sticky residue or smudge your footwear, and it has a fast drying time.

Before using any waterproofing product, check that your shoes are not damaged, as rips, holes and cracks will interfere with the application. It’s also important to clean your shoes thoroughly and let them dry completely before reapplying. After that, your shoes will be protected from the elements for as long as you wear them. Of course, reapplying the protective treatment periodically is still the most effective strategy. So grab a can of one of these waterproof shoe protectors, and keep your shoes dry all year round.

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