Purple Boot Covers

Purple Boot Covers

  • Wednesday, 27 March 2024
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Purple Boot Covers

Boot covers are a great way to add color to your costume.purple boot covers They are a lot cheaper than buying shoes and are easy to make. These boot covers can be made to fit any size shoe and come in a wide range of colors. They are a great addition to any outfit.

Purple shoe covers are perfect for completing your GoGo or Hippie Costume.purple boot covers This simple and inexpensive accessory will transform your costume into a real attention getter.

The Forty Below Purple Haze(tm) overboot is patterned to fit easily over a variety of double shelled mountaineering boots as well as single and large volume "combi-boots." This unique full length insulated overboot is the choice of climbers for Denali, the Himalayas, and cold weather expeditions worldwide.

When making boot covers, it's important to use a good quality stretch fabric. Spandex is fine, but other fabrics that have a decent amount of stretch will work as well. If you are working with a less stretchy fabric, just be careful to take your time while draping the pattern. If you don't, the finished product will look messy and misshapen.

Once you have your boot cover pattern pinned, slip the shoes/boots in and make note of any areas that require special attention - such as the location of a peak, where you want the top edge to end behind the leg, etc. After that, remove the pins and smooth out the pattern.

If you're using your boot covers as part of a costume, it's a good idea to glue some non-slip soles onto the bottom. This will extend the life of your spandex boot covers and prevent them from slipping or tearing.

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