Types of Disposable Shoe Covers

Types of Disposable Shoe Covers

  • Friday, 29 March 2024
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Types of Disposable Shoe Covers

Shoe covers are an important part of personal protective equipment in the laboratory, medical and industrial fields.water resistant shoe covers They protect surfaces and prevent foot borne contamination, while providing easy donning and removal. There are several different kinds of disposable shoe covers available, and the one you choose should be based on your workplace requirements and preferences.

For example, do you work in a rough environment and need to maintain traction? If so, you should select a style that features a rugged anti-skid sole.water resistant shoe covers Some types of shoe covers are designed to be worn with a pair of nitrile gloves. This can help prevent cross-contamination during handling of delicate, sterile instruments. Others are specifically adapted for use in critical clean air environments where air borne contaminants must be minimized.

Disposable shoe covers that are made of a plastic material, such as polypropylene or lint-free polyethylene film, provide protection from liquids.water resistant shoe covers These disposable shoe covers are typically packaged in 150- or 500-count cases so you can have the quantity you need for your specific applications.

Another kind of water resistant shoe cover is a rubber-like type that provides excellent grip while walking on slippery surfaces.water resistant shoe covers These disposable shoe covers are often used by workers in construction and food service, as well as by cleaners who need to walk on carpeted or tiled floors. These types of disposable shoe covers are usually reusable, although they should be discarded after use to ensure they don’t carry any dirt or debris into a controlled or regulated environment.

There are also waterproof shoe covers that keep your shoes, socks and feet completely dry. These disposable shoe covers are often referred to as “booties.” They can be used by cleaning contractors, construction workers, plumbers and other trade professionals who need to walk in rain or other liquids. Waterproof shoe covers are a valuable piece of PPE because they keep your feet and the surrounding area clean while eliminating odors.

Paper and plastic disposable shoe covers slip over your shoes or safety boots. They may have a cuff that goes around the ankle or calf, to prevent water and dirt from seeping in while you’re wearing them. Some also have a non-skid sole. They’re often a convenient choice because they’re lightweight and can easily fit into a worker’s pocket or tool belt.

Neoprene reusable shoe covers, however, fit snugly over your work boots or safety shoes like a glove. These neoprene booties are durable and washable, but they’re not as lightweight as their disposable counterparts. Neoprene reusable shoe covers have an additional non-slip bottom to prevent them from shifting as you walk.

Whether you’re working in the laboratory, a hospital or a manufacturing facility, Harmony Lab & Safety Supplies stocks high-quality, economical disposable shoe covers to meet your needs. We also offer a wide range of heavy duty, industrial-grade shoe covers by Tyvek and Keystone for demanding applications such as pharmaceutical production, cleanrooms or biohazard containment facilities. We even offer bulk shoe covers with a volume discount and fast shipping.

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